Tailored Fit


Freedom is excited to offer the new Tailored Fit service.


The Tailored Fit service allows you to alter the dimensions of Freedom readymade blinds, curtains, and rod sets. Affordable and fast, Tailored Fit is the ideal way to ensure your window coverings complement your home and your budget..


How does Tailored Fit work?


Select your blind, curtain or rod set
Choose from our range of readymade products available.
Measure your window
Use the ‘How to Measure’ guidelines to measure your window (click here)
Place your order


Frequently Asked Questions


How much does Tailored Fit cost?


$40 per blind

$40 per curtain

$25 per rod set


Can I make my curtains or blinds wider or longer?


The Tailored Fit service is a cut down service only, which means that blinds, curtains and rod sets cannot be made wider or longer than the largest readymade size in the range.


I want to change the colour of my blind’s base rail, what options do I have?


The Tailored Fit service alters an exiting readymade product. As this is not a custom made service, no changes can be made to the components that come with the blind. This means that the base rail must remain the original colour, as per the readymade.


What are the mount options for blinds?


All Freedom blinds come with universal brackets. This means that brackets can be mounted three ways – top, side or face mount. This may also be affected by whether your blind will be an inside mount (inside the window frame) or outside mount (mounted on the architrave or outside the frame). For more information about mounts (click here)


I want to order a blockout roller blind. Will this block out all the light in my room?


If you choose an inside mount for your blockout roller blind, it is important to note that the actual fabric width of the roller blind will be less than the overall measurement to allow for brackets and components. This may create an unavoidable light gap. If you wish to avoid this gap, it is recommended to consider using an outside mount. For more information about mounts (click here)


What is the shortest length I can alter my blind, curtain or rod set to?


The shortest length any blind, curtain or rod set can be altered to is 45cm.


Tear Sheets and Info Sheets


Tailored Fit - S-fold Curtains

Tailored Fit - Privacy Blinds

Tailored Fit - Roller Blinds

Tailored Fit - Readymade Curtains

Tailored Fit - Pinch and Inverted Pleat Curtains

Tailored Fit - Rod Sets